Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall is in the Air

It's that time of  year again! Time to start thinking about Fall and Winter. I hate to put away my oceany colors and Summer clothes. I know it's going to be hot for the next month or so, but it's definitely time to get busy designing Fall and Winter items for our shop. Pretty soon it will be time for Pumpkin Festival here in Milton, WV and that means our town will be totally transformed into a Fall paradise.

I just perused the Pantone Fall 2012 color palate and there is so much to LOVE this coming season! My favorite is Ultramarine Green followed by Pink Flambe! The softer Rhapsody and Rose Smoke colors are uber romantic!

Pantone Fall 2012 Colors.

Rome and I just listed a bunch of great new pieces in our Etsy shop!  You can see the color influences from the pantone scheme here. You can find all of our gorgeous jewelry at

Sedona. Features Arizona mined Chrysocola and Aqua Negra Agate. It falls in the Ultramarine Green group.

Principessa offers some of the warm romantic pinks from the Fall color trends, both Rose Smoke and Pink Flambe!

Tangerine Orange and pink lampwork beaded earrings! Simply, Tangerine!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trying again!

So, I had a blog before and I let it languish and fade away. I was not a very good blogger. I would post frantically for a few days and then it would sit for months on end...I going to try to do a better job this time.

I thought I'd share some of my latest items created for the shop. I was lacking inspiration last weekend until I stumbled upon some great shell beads at the local craft shop. I wish I'd found them sooner! Here are some of the items I made last weekend!

These items are available in our Etsy shop at thepinkmartini