Sunday, October 21, 2012

Show Off Your Hooters?

The girls over at the ning site, Artisan Whimsy have been showing off their hooters! Owls that is, LOL. They put together a challenge showcasing owls. The challenge was to create either an owl component or a finished piece that featured an owl.

I'm not really crazy about owls, so I had to think really hard about what to create. I went for something fallish and embossed the owl onto sheet copper and then stamped the feathers in with my V stamp. Next came hole punching and then the dangles were added.

For my dangles I used a Russ Powers boro bead accented with Citrine rondelles. A brown glass pearl and crystal were accented with some gorgeous goldenrod yellow Aragonite rondelles. I suspended my plaque from some pretty solid copper rolo chain and finished it off with a hand forged copper S clasp I made.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how my little owl came out. If you like him too, please go to the Artisan Whimsy site and give me a vote!

What sort of owl creations do you make?


  1. Very nice!! Good luck over at Artisan Whimsy w/the contest!

  2. Lovely necklace. I am impressed that you made your own owl pendant. Great job and good luck with the voting.

  3. Thank you Jean! The owl was fun to make. Loving embossing!

  4. Love your embossed owl - I'm not crazy about owls either, but love yours!!

  5. THank you so much Christine! I was on the fence about owls for a long time. After getting to see all of this great owel jewelry, I'm more inclined to like the feathered critters. :-)