Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bead Love!

Today our mailbox was stuffed with two great packages! First, I received some silk sari ribbons in the mail from my friend Vonna. She spoiled me with awesome! I have been wanting to try my hand at using silk ribbons but I never seem to have the cash on hand to purchase the overflowing basketful of ribbons I choose everytime I look. I am a terrible one for making decisions on new stuff. She took the guess work out of my choices and sent me some amazing colors. The wine and the blue green are my favorites but I think I'm going to work with the goldenrod yellow ones first.

My second bead love package was from Terry Jeanette Carter from over at Tappingflamingo Blog. Terry and I were partnered up in a Pantone Fall 2012 bead swap in the Bead Soup Cafe group on Facebook. The idea was to exchange beads based on the Fall color palette designers are using this season. She and I both tried to hit every color in the palette and I think we came pretty close! I think my favorite thing is the glass saucers in the teals and blues mix but I would be hard pressed to point at something I wasn't tickled with. I want to thank Terry again for being my partner for making this exchange so fun!


  1. Yummy stuff! Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Happy beading :)

    1. Thanks Judith! I am envisioning something with the blue/green silk ribbon and the blue/teal/green beads from the swap. :-).