Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Techniques!

I tried my hand at something new this past week. Riveting...seriously. LOL. I riveted my first items together and it was SO much fun. I'm searching all over for more things I can jam together with a rivet. I don't know why I waited so long to try this out, it was really very easy.

I also stamped out my first word. That will take more practice to perfect but I enjoyed doing that too. I need to find more inspiration for words and blanks to try this out on. I'm LOVING learning all of the metal smithing techniques.

Here is my project piece. I used a 34mm Vintaj brass blank and riveted on the 'flower' bead cap. I then stamped out stem and leaves and finally added the word 'blossom' and another flower to the end. My spacing isn't great yet, but I think this one has lots of character.

My beading group, The Bead Hive, has a new inspiration up this month. I LOVE this color palette and wanted to use the colors for a project.

I decided to use my new pendant with the crystals picking up the colors from the inspiration palette. I used rose, olivine and amethyst crystals and the brass chain picks up that tone from the palette nicely I think.

What would you make using that color palette? Does it say Fall/Autumn to you too?

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